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    Winchester’s investment objective is identifying opportunities
    in real estate or real estate related investments.

Winchester is a fully independent real estate investment management firm headquartered in the heart of Manhattan. Our firm’s investor network has a global reach of individual and institutional investors across North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Winchester pursues a disciplined investment approach identifying attractive off-market opportunities with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection. We commit only to investments that offer clear, realistic exit strategies primarily through refinancing and sales. We believe that a disciplined approach at the time of purchase enables it to better assess exit alternatives as they arise.


Winchester’s mission is the prudent Investment of client capital in private Real Estate Equity and Debt on a national platform using state of the art research, cycle-tested experience and disciplined Underwriting to guide Investment decisions.

RE Equity

Investment in Equity Real Estate is a major focus of Winchester’s Investment Management business. It is designed to provide Investors with diversification benefits, the potential for attractive total returns enhanced by a significant income component, and a historical tendency to respond positively to unanticipated inflation.

Soft Deposits

The soft deposit program gives buyers the control they need to compete in today’s fiercely competitive Real Estate market without the risk of losing a deal due to a temporary lack of liquidity.

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