Our Approach

Winchester pursues a disciplined approach identifying attractive opportunities with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection. We commit only to investments that offer clear, realistic exit strategies primarily through refinancing and sales. Winchester believes that a disciplined approach at the time of purchase enables it to better assess exit alternatives as they arise.

Our strategy has remained consistent. We seek to acquire quality assets at pricing below replacement cost and work to add significant value through the efforts of our in-house professionals and skilled real estate operators. We do this by working to find the best opportunities, in the best markets at the best price. We believe that our reputation and strategic relationships built over many years provides a competitive advantage in the pursuit of these investment opportunities. Our team constantly monitors the real estate markets, identifying themes by asset class or geography and is thus able to invest ahead of trends

To create value through our local real estate activities, we focus first and foremost on acquiring high-quality assets that are distressed and/or undermanaged at below market prices. We then apply the expertise of our own team of asset management professionals to execute well-defined strategies such as property upgrades, operational improvements or strengthened marketing efforts.

The acquisition of good quality assets is one of the keys to our real estate investment strategy. Our investment experience has shown us that good quality assets in major markets with barriers to entry have held up the best in difficult markets and outperformed in strong economic times.

Our project and construction managers have over 30 years of experience working on a wide array of ground-up and repositioned developments, which provide significant advantages in executing all projects in a time-sensitive and cost-efficient manner, without sacrificing the quality of the end product.