The extent to which investment performance may be repeatable depends on a well-defined and disciplined investment process. Therefore, the manner in which Winchester executes its investment strategy must be consistent over time and investment climates.

Winchester’s real estate team is well positioned to acquire or develop assets, on behalf of our investors, at attractive values. We look to create this value from fundamentally conservative investment opportunities – preservation of capital is always paramount. We start with investments that feature an attractive current cash flow and look for opportunities to enhance value. Value-added strategies can include: exploiting a financial or strategic need to sell, buying property that would benefit from renovation or repositioning, entering into joint ventures with strategic partners, or taking advantage of creative exit strategies.

We put this philosophy to work by focusing on one investment at a time. We treat each asset as an individual business, tailoring each business plan to its strengths while marginalizing its weaknesses. We manage each asset intensively, with proven risk controls. We are always prepared to sell, finance or refinance as conditions dictate, either to realize value or to lower risk.

Leveraging Winchester’s vast real estate experience and strategic partnerships, the real estate group has expanded its platform to take advantage of real estate debt investment opportunities. The debt platform targets a diverse array of potential investments, including origination of whole loans and mezzanine debt, acquisition of performing and sub-performing real estate loans, rescue financing and preferred equity.

What We Look For
  • Motivated sellers
  • Strong earnings growth potential
  • Strong sponsorship/borrowers with established operating histories
  • The property holds some value unrecognized by the larger market
  • Access to effective and dedicated local management and personnel
  • Focus on multifamily, retail and medical
  • Opportunistic development projects
Benefits of Dealing with Us

Will provide equity to strong co-sponsors on any property types mentioned on this site.

  1. Privately Held, No Bureaucratic Committees
  2. Responsive and Expeditious
  3. Flexible
  4. Proactive
  5. Creative “out of the box” approach