Our People

  • Avi Benamu Managing Partner

    Mr. Benamu is a Managing Director and has more than 14 years of experience in alternative investments and real estate. He is responsible for sourcing, negotiating and executing debt and equity investments in the tri-state area. Mr. Benamu’s out-the-box thinking enables him to connect with counterparties and creatively negotiate transactions where others have failed.

    Having spent the first half of his career working with hedge funds and private equity firms, Mr. Benamu has successfully raised capital and advised alternative investment managers on best practices, legal structure, marketing compliance and operations. Most recently Avi cofounded Winchester Equities to leverage his energy, experience and resources in attractive investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

    Mr. Benamu is fluent in four languages and holds a BS degree in Finance from Touro College.

  • Jack Hazan Managing Partner

    Jack Hazan is co-founder of Winchester Equities. Jack’s career began in 1996 as an investment advisor for a financial services company where he developed many essential financial and analytical skills following the companies he has invested in on behalf of his clients. For years Jack has successfully lead his clients and his team of professionals navigate properly through multiple financial investment vehicles for their clients and the firm. His experience in stocks, bonds, derivatives and alternative investments helped establish him as a good sounding board for financial advice. The events that followed the tech boom in the early millennia helped divert Jacks focus to Real Estate as a premier investment path. Jack had personally and successfully raised well over $100MM for various real estate products such as REIT’s and syndicated private placements and direct participation programs. In 2004 Jack opened his own Broker/Dealer continuing with a focus on Real Estate investments as its primary objective. Utilizing his vast experience in financial matters and underwriting multiple investment classes, in 2006 Jack began purchasing real estate with his partners as principal and since then has been active as principal and advisor in many real estate projects including residential multi-family, retail and hotel investments.

    Jack brings over 17 years of financial and analytical expertise to Winchester to identify and analyze investment opportunities for the firm and its partners.